Offers online rail ticket booking, and checking of ticket reservation status. Includes train schedules, availability of tickets, and a travel planner.


IRCTC Railway Ticket Cancellation [e-ticket Online ...

And also make sure you do IRCTC ticket Cancellation before chart Preparation. Find the Screenshot which might give an clear idea on cancelling your e-tickets online. Screenshot For e-Ticket Cancellation: 1. Select the train ticket that you want to cancel. IRCTC Ticket Cancellation [Step 1] 2. Select the passenger that you want to cancel the ...

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Counter Ticket Cancellation Home Page -

PTO’s tickets are issued on 1/3rd of the total basic fares and normal cancellation charge is applicable in these tickets also. Therefore in many cases ticket value on PTOs is less than the cancellation charges therefore passengers may or may not cancel the tickets therefore cancellation across IRCTC website may be allowed in the case of PTOs ...

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IRCTC Next Generation ETicketing System

IRCTC Hotels; Retiring Room; Lounge; E-Bedroll; E-Wheelchair; Flights; Co-Branded Cards . IRCTC Loyalty Program. IRCTC SBI Credit Card; IRCTC SBI Platinum Card: e-apply; IRCTC-UBI Rupay Prepaid Card; Alerts & Updates; More . IRCTC Rail Connect App; Train/Coach Booking (FTR) National Voter's Services Portal; Mahila E-Haat; IRCTC eWallet; Travel ...

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IRCTC Ticket Cancellation Procedure | IRCTC Help

IRCTC Ticket Cancellation. i-tickets: – This ticket shall be cancelled at the reservation counter and thereafter on online application, due shall be credited to the account from which booking transaction took place.The ticket is sent through courier to the delivery address specified. This is the same as the ticket you get when you buy from a railway booking counter.You cannot cancel this ...

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IRCTC Cancellation Charges 2019: How To Cancel IRCTC E ...

IRCTC has rules of refund charges which passengers will receive on cancellation of e-tickets. When booking train tickets through IRCTC website, one must be well aware about ticket cancellation ...

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How To Cancel IRCTC Train E-Ticket With & Without Login?

Canceling irctc e-Ticket without login is also possible by sending an email to [email protected] If you have login details then it can be canceled by navigating into an option Trains-->Cancel Ticket-->E-tickets from the main menu.

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IRCTC Railway Ticket Cancellation Charges And Refund

Calculate train ticket refund and cancellation charges for IRCTC e-ticket, As per IRCTC Refund Rules, Railway Train ticket cancellation charges based on the mentioned factors. ... Cancellation would be confirmed online and the refund would be credited back to the account used for booking as for normal Internet tickets.

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E-Ticket Cancel - IRCTC Next Generation ETicketing System

He can log on to and go to "Booked Tickets" link and select the ticket to be cancelled and can initiate the cancellation by selecting the passengers to be cancelled. Cancellation would be confirmed online and the refund would be credited back to the account used for booking as for normal Internet tickets.

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IRCTC Online Passenger Reservation System

IRCTC's Online Passenger Reservation System provides booking facility of Railway tickets online and offers other services like checking reservation status, train schedules, train routes, availability of tickets and cancellation.

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